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Cyber New Year Set

AD Cyber New Year Set.jpg

This is a cyber version of the traditional Japanese New Year's decoration (entrance decoration).
          *For more information, click here

You can create a unique entrance that will never look out of place.
Now let's celebrate the New Year!



You can use the HUD to edit the color, texture, etc. of the object. (You can also edit the object directly without using the HUD.)

▼Cyber Kadomatsu Editing HUD
You can do the following.
- Change the color, texture, and speed of the texture animation for each glow.
- Show/hide the text around the pipe (bamboo), and change the color and text.
- Change show/hide, glow color, and rotation of the satellites.


▼Cyber New Year's decoration editing HUD
You can do the following.
- Change the color of each glow.


Land Impact
・Cyber New Year's decoration = 2Li
・Cyber Kadomatsu = 6Li
・Cyber Kadomatsu High LOD = 9Li








・しめ縄 = 2Li
・門松 = 6Li
・門松(高LOD) = 9Li

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